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We are building a new medium. We founded Komorebipost in june 2023 on the ashes of the old magazine.. We believe we need a different kind of journalism, one that prioritizes the coverage of social issues and gives citizen participation a prominent role. We are a team of journalists, editors, technicians and social innovators working to hack what journalism and media used to be.

Open to your participation. A model that not only tells you what’s going on, but listens to you and invites you to action. Because we are convinced that journalism is not only about telling the world, but also about changing it.

With time to think and produce quality journalism. Because running after the latest news prevents us from understanding  what  is  happening and delving into it.

Our correspondents cover the most important developments and underlying forces that shape our world, rather than speculating about the latest hype or scare. Put another way: we don’t cover the weather, we cover the climate, informing you about how the world really works.

Journalism is at its best when it includes many different perspectives and worldviews. That’s why we seek to include people from a broad variety of backgrounds, both in our newsroom and on our platform. ​​Our principle of inclusivity extends to the way we find writers, reach readers, and treat members. Expecting writers to have a point of view helps in recruiting a diverse staff. Members can share our journalism freely with anyone, expanding our readership.

In Future

We know we’re not ‘the fix’ for what’s wrong in journalism, and we know that there’s no one way to do it. When we make mistakes, we admit and correct them. We will also be transparent about how we spend your money by publishing an annual financial and editorial report. And we will keep pushing ourselves to do a better job, inviting you to help. Together we will keep learning, about ourselves and the world around us


Our team

Our correspondents are currently based in the USA, Democratic Republic of Congo,Zimbawe, India, the Holand, and between Italy and Venezuela.Our supporting news team – editors, designers, developers, member support, and more – is based in our Italia newsroom.

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