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Interview with a Turkish student

Interview with a Turkish student

University in Turkey, through the words of a student who tells us a bit

Which university do you attend, and what course are you studying?

Yildiz technical University, Mechanical Engineering


Why did you choose to study at this university and in this course?

Cause I like physics and math from my childhood. When I was a child I like to repair my toys, I was making a mini factory site on my room from old stuff, rubbish, boxes ect.

I choose YTU because it was very popular and I knew its educational quality.


What has been your university experience so far?

I appreciate free(no tuition fee) university system in Turkey. By this way every citizen of Turkey can reach the university education. This is a big boon for an non EU country. And not so common around world.


What do you like the most and the least about the Turkish university system?

To be honest, Choosing The worst thing about the system is hard. There are many problems. In Turkey, perception of people for  succes is like a straight line.  High school, University, marriage, having child. And because of this mindset every young adolescents trying to go university. It causes too many problems. In law, engineering, teacher faculties are too many than requirement. And this causes high rates of educated unemployment on the country


How was the transition from high school to university for you?

For me it was a huge change. Cause I grown up in a small city. I had a small envoirement. But I went to istanbul which is one of the biggest city in the world. My life, habits, envoirement and perception has changed completely.


What are your favorite subjects, and why are you interested in them?

My favorite subjects was mechanisms, system dynamics and control. I remember on my first system dynamics course I said”I found my lifetime best course”. Cause these are the courses that teach you to understand, describe and foresee the real world with numbers.


What motivates you to achieve your academic goals?

-Desire to learn is my biggest motivation in academia.


Have you been involved in any projects or extracurricular activities during your university journey?

Yes I have been involved, Faculty basketball team is an example of it.


How do you balance your academic commitments with social life and recreational activities?

It was not hard for me. In my life I have never need to study a lot. I usally can understand easily. And I had so much time for fun always.


What are the challenges you have faced during your university studies, and how did you overcome them?

As a student one of the biggest challenge in Istanbul was money. This situation teach me how should I spend, and save my money.


What career opportunities do you expect to have with your university education?

My university has the biggest engineering network through the country. In every big companies there are some YTU expats. Also from first year in uni, in some courses and some events, ytu grads were coming and we could have a chance to meet and talk with them always. There was a solidarity like a family. We called it Soul of YTU!


Is there anything you would like to change in the Turkish university system?

Yes, I would like to change management of universities. It should be independent from government.


Have you had any study abroad experiences or exchange programs?

Yes I went to belgium with erasmus.


 If yes, how have they enriched you?

-It was like an upgrade. When I’m coming to university from high school I extended my horizon from a city to country. For erasmus it was like an upgrade  from country to the world. On my last birth day, people celebrate me from 28 different county. This is the best indicator.


What are your plans for the future after completing your university studies?

-I want to be an engineer, work as an engineer. Managing  technical projects and solving technical problems.


How do you assess the support and resources available for university students in Turkey?

-I think it’s a big problem of turkish universities. If a compare the differences between turkish universities and host university of my erasmus on belgium, the biggest difference is labs. Even in the best universities in Turkey the labs are unsufficent.


What advice would you give to other students starting their university journey in Turkey?

My advice is first of all, they should choose the department which they really enjoy. And for turkey, city and uni is also important. Uni is not just an uni. It’s your 4-5 year life. They should chose a big city to extend their horizon. They should chose a different city from their family to face with the difficulties of the real life. And during uni life they should be proactive, brave, openmind and easygoing..



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